Nourish sets itself apart from other food programs by providing good-food education with every program and event that we offer. Good-food education includes growing, harvesting, cooking, planning, shopping, and health benefit information, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences.


Why You Should Donate to Nourish

Nourish is leading the way with Farm-to-School programs and collaborations.

Nourish provides after-school Snacks to eight sites in the City of Sheboygan and the City of Plymouth. The program aligns with the Harvest of the Month program that Nourish helps create along with both school districts. Along with the snack, Nourish provides encouragement, education, and a sticker for trying the snack.

Nourish is at the forefront of hands-on Farm-to-Table experiences.

The Nourish Farm-to-Table tour provides three interlinking experiences of harvesting, preparing, and sharing local farm fresh meal together with the community.

Nourish and their staff walk the walk.

Good food is a lifestyle that Nourish staff practice daily. We grow food, cook, compost, and discuss regularly new findings through personal experience and publications.


Nourish and our community needs good-food education and experiences more than ever.

Unfortunately, diet related diseases such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes is on the rise in Sheboygan County and the United States. Nourish believes that if people increase increase their knowledge of the food system (growing, cooking, composting) they are more likely to make wholesome food choices. Together, we can create a healthy community.

Nourish connects the community to good-food resources.

Nourish staff and volunteers are working in the food system regularly. We find new sources and information and are working hard to share it with each other and the community. This includes seeds sources, composting options, cooking classes, local farms, and so on.

Questions? Call Heather Cleveland at: 920-550-2020

Or send your donation directly to Nourish:

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