Nourish has a variety of programs available that support our mission of educating and empowering the community to make more wholesome food choices.



Nourish Snack

Offered for 35 weeks during the school year to eight different sites - engaging nearly 300 children. The program aligns with the Plymouth and Sheboygan Area School District's Harvest of the Month. The students are given a chef-prepared snack using the featured ingredient along with interactive education. Children receive a sticker for their sticker sheet when they try the snack as it's often different than what they may be used to (e.g. broccoli stir-fry or a broccoli egg bake). Children are also encouraged to record a take-away fact on the back of their sticker sheet and can use the sheet during "Tasty Trivia" at the end of the semester.

Weekend Food Backpack

Offered for 38 weeks to 15 families at a local elementary school. The bags include whole-grain rolls, fruits, vegetables, rice/pasta, peanut butter/jelly, and oatmeal/cereal. Parents were required to attend an orientation at the beginning of the semester to explain how the program works and ask questions. From there, each week Nourish provides samples of food that's included in the bags during bag distribution to continue engagement throughout the school-year. Along with the good food, we provide a letter describing the bag contents, information of a feature produce or ingredient, and recipes. The program provides and teaches participants: seasonal, local, fresh ingredients, good-food education, an opportunity to try new foods and recipes, and education and empowerment to make wholesome food choices.

Summer Lunch

Nourish collaborates with the Sheboygan Area School District for Harvest of the Week during the summer months. Each Wednesday, Nourish Ambassadors go to Sheboygan elementary schools sites to encourage kids to try the featured seasonal, local produce. An educational moment that includes the farmer profile and plants along with stickers and high fives are delivered to increase engagement, excitement, and knowledge about food.


Community Farm-to-Table Tour

Offered for free every Tuesday June through August. A group of 4-6 people tour one of our partner farms, harvest vegetables, take the vegetables to a local shelter with a chef to prepare, serve and enjoy the farm fresh meal alongside shelter residents. The program teaches participants: where their food comes from, the importance of local and sustainable farming practices, cooking skills and team building, along with compassion for our community. We also offer Corporate tours to larger groups with flexibility for a fee. It's often part of a company's professional development or wellness budget.

Corporate Farm-to-Table Tours

Nourish Corporate Farm-to-Table Tours are a great experience for your group to learn about our food system and experience team-building together! Tours typically run June - October (sometimes November).

Nourish Corporate Farm-to-Table Tour

The Nourish tour starts at a farm, ends at Nourish, and can be tailored to meet the group's needs. The group participates in a tour at the farm, performs farm tasks and harvests vegetables, then prepares a meal together with the guidance of a chef. At the end of the day, the group enjoys the fruits of their labor (a wonderful dinner), and a portion of the meal is delivered to a local homeless shelter.

The fee for the Nourish Corporate Farm to Table is $100 per person. The recommended capacity for this tour is 15, with minimum of 8 people. Recommended time for this tour is 9am to 5:00-5:30pm. Lunch (sandwich, two sides, dessert and beverage) is served to the group for $10 per person.

Farm tour and harvest from 9am-11:30pm;
Lunch at Nourish from 12:00pm-12:30pm,
Prepare meal from 12:30pm to 4:00pm,
Enjoy the meal 4pm, (Nourish delivers meal to local homeless shelter)
Clean and wrap-up by 5-5:30pm

Kohler Cooking for Hunger with Nourish

Nourish partners with Kohler for a similar corporate tour through Kohler's Experiential Learning Center. It's a great opportunity for team building while learning and helping the community. A meal is created by the group in a beautiful setting and venue and then delivered to a local shelter, often the Salvation Army. The Nourish fee for this event is $1,500 ($1,000 of the contribution is a donation) plus Kohler fees. These tours can accommodate up to 40 people. Corporate Tour Flyer: Cooking for Hunger


Community Dinners

Mobile and at Nourish

In late 2015, we began hosting Community Dinners for 10-12 residents at the Sheboygan Housing Authority apartments: Tamarack and Wasserman. We alternate between sites the last Wednesday of each month and provide a three-course meal and seasonal beverage to include a salad or soup, main entree and side, and dessert. All feature local, seasonal, fresh ingredients. Along with the meal we provide education on topics like gardening, healthy snacks, and food budgets.We also hosted 4 community dinners that are open to the public, and along with the three course meal and seasonal beverage, we offered a family friendly activity. We also host a community dinner at Bridgeway each month. The program provides and teaches participants: a safe, social activity; good-food education; an opportunity to try new foods and recipes; and education and empowerment to make wholesome food choices.

Educational Urban Farm

Consists of 2-acres of leased land across from RCS Empowers on Geele Avenue. The gardens consist of: 11+ beds, orchard, two bee boxes, and pollinator gardens. The space is active from May - October with planting, harvest, and everything in-between. Volunteer hours are open to the community every Thursday from 9am - 12pm. The space accommodates large volunteer group from local companies and schools. Volunteer groups learn about growing and new foods while they help at the EUF. Food grown at the EUF is used in Nourish programs and distributed to organizations including: RCS Empowers, Salvation Army, Sheboygan County Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Sheboygan Housing Authority Apartments, and Lakeshore Culinary Institute. Group enjoy receiving the abundance of fresh produce while learning about seasonal, local ingredients.


We also offer workshops to the community and are working on programs for school groups and camps for the future.

To participate in any of our programs: