Security Deposit

Security Deposit is due upon the execution of the contract. The security deposit shall be returned to the Renter, minus any applicable charges as outlined in the contract such as damages or excessive cleaning. The Security Deposit will not be returned if the Renter cancels their event.

Rental Fee and Cancellation Policy

Rental fee payment is due at least 90 days prior to the event date. Nourish will issue a refund as outlined in the contract 30 days or more in advance of the event. Events cancelled by the Renter less than 20 days in advance will not be refunded.

If Nourish cancels the event for any circumstance, the Renter will receive a full refund.


Smoking and Open Flame

Smoking, including smokeless tobacco products, is prohibited on both the Miley Property and School District of Sheboygan Falls Property.

Open flames, including but not limited to candles, sparklers and fireworks, bonfires, and torches are not permitted. Contained sterno (canned heat) flames are allowed for food purposes only.

Cleaning and Refuse

Standard cleaning is provided with any rental. Any excessive clean-up or repair costs will be deducted from the Security Deposit.

There are two garbage totes and two recycling totes provided on site for refuse management. Any excess refuse that is not removed after the event may incur an additional pick-up fee.



Renters shall acquire and maintain insurance as outlined in the contract for the use and occupancy of the venue for their event. If a certificate of insurance is not provided to Nourish, Nourish may deny access or use of the Premises with no refund.

Rental Signature

The individual signing the contract agreement must be at least 25 years of age. An authorized representative may sign the agreement for interested Renters under the age of 25.

Alcohol Policy

As the managing organization of the Miley Barn, Nourish Farms, Inc. does not hold a liquor license. Renters may serve, but not sell, alcohol during their event. Alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured bartending service contracted by the Renter. Nourish Farms, Inc. does not obtain or distribute any alcohol.

Qualifying groups and organizations may apply for a Temporary Class B Permit through the City of Sheboygan Falls, where the Miley Barn is located, for a permit allowing the sale of beer or wine only. Liquor may not be sold at any time.

Alcohol regulations are subject to change at any time by law, and will be abided by Nourish and all Renters.


Kitchen and Farm Development

Our Miley Barn currently has no kitchen on site. Nourish will be breaking ground on our new kitchen in 2019 on the Southern end of the barn, near the silo. At this time, all rentals assume no kitchen or water access until further notice.

Site development of our new Educational Farm on the surround acreage will also begin in 2019.

Good Neighbor Policy

Miley Barn and the surrounding property are located in a residential area. This means that our neighbors around us are in their homes, rather than in businesses.

Nourish asks all of our Renters and their guests to be respectful and considerate of our neighbors. This includes following all noise regulations and hours of operation as outlined in the contract, cleaning up after oneself and guests, and following all policies and procedures.

Miley Barn also resides next to the District of Sheboygan Falls Elementary and Middle Schools. We ask that our Renters remain conscious of the neighboring schools, playgrounds, and sports fields as well as the foot and car traffic in our neighborhood.

Thank you from Nourish and our neighbors!