Farewell to our Farm Interns: A Reflection From Rachel

Rachel (left) and Lex (right) out on the farm

Rachel (left) and Lex (right) out on the farm


I can’t believe the summer is over! Working at Nourish has been very
beneficial to my continuing education and has given me lots of hands
on experience. Right from the beginning of the internship, I have been
excited to be able to work in an environment where the goal is to
educate others on local healthy food choices and options. This is a
subject that I am very passionate about, which is why I am pursuing a
degree in Nutrition with the intent on becoming a Registered
Dietitian. As a farm intern, most of what I did this summer was a lot
of physical work ranging from planting an orchard, to stringing up
tomatoes, to building raised beds and a greenhouse, to shoveling lots
and lots of soil. Because Nourish just moved to the Miley Barn, the
farm is in its infant stage, and while that means that there was not
much equipment to work with (meaning I am now really good friends with
the wheelbarrow and shovel), it also means that I was able to help
plan and shape what the farm will look like in the future.

I didn’t get to do much with the farm to school programs since I was
working on the farm. However, I was able to help with the Summer Lunch
Harvest of the Week. This consisted of passing out fresh vegetables to
kids coming through a lunch line. Even though it was quite simple, I
had a ton of fun doing it! Nourish is such an awesome organization
with endless possibilities that positively impact our community. I
hope that I may continue to be a part of the Nourish team as they
continue to expand their outreach in the community!