Organic Farmer Tries Whole30

Author: Jake Lambrecht

Does anyone really go on a diet for reasons other than health? I am not one for diets. Nor am I against them. I just don’t feel like I need one. I feel pretty good on a daily basis, eat fairly healthy (I also enjoy cooking), and make it a point to get exercise. Even if I do think I am doing well from a health perspective, there is always a part of me that wonders if life could be even better. Is the grass really greener? Why would I go on a diet besides the fact that my wife asked me to? I do like a challenge. My mother always said about me “Jake can’t just do something, he has to do it with a vengeance.” This is true. So if I am going to go on a diet, I am going all out. My wife and I chose a diet specifically to meet certain health objectives for us and our children.

We chose the Whole30 diet. In a nutshell, this diet aims to change your relationship to food. This diet that promotes eating meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats from various sources. By eliminating foods known to be associated with common health issues for 30 days, you are giving your body a chance to “reset” itself. You then have a starting point by which to slowly reintroduce foods and see how they affect your health. OK, I can accept that. Which foods do I need to eliminate?

Added sugar or sweetener of any kind. I can’t argue much with that one. I think we all are well aware of the copious amounts of sugar in our food system and we KNOW it’s not healthy. I can certainly give up maple syrup, and honey in my tea, and ketchup, and…. chocolate,(sigh...isn’t that going a bit too far?). What else can’t I have?

Grains. That’s it? No qualifiers here? Can I have those oddball grains that are weird colored and hard to pronounce? No. How about gluten-free products? Nope. What if only PART of the grain is added to food? Can I have it then? Not happening. Breakfast just went down the toilet.

Legumes. I really wish peanuts were not legumes right now.

Alcohol. OK.

Dairy. “Look, ice cream, I really like you a lot, but I think it’s best if we don’t see each other for a while. No, I’m not attracted to yogurt or cheese. They are just really good friends, but I won’t hang around with them either.”

Do not consume baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients (From the website) Boy, that covers a lot of ground doesn’t it?

It is about this time I have visions of myself sucking off some precious sap from the inner bark of a tree, because it feels like there is nothing else left to eat. However, I am going to try this diet, with my wife...and our 4 kids under the age of 12. (Did I just say that?). I like a challenge and I do believe this diet can help with some of the health issues our family struggles with such as headaches, digestion, bowel movements, skin rashes, aches and pains, and sleep. You are invited to come along for the ride and see how we do. Maybe we will do really well or maybe my next post will read something like this:

Day 14: Morale low, tension in the family, food scarce, went hunting in cupboards for snacks and returned without any, must have sugar or we will all die...