Farewell to our Urban Farm Manager, Jake Lambrecht.

We are saddened to announce that Jake Lambrecht, our Urban Farm Manager and Culinary Coordinator, will be moving on to a new adventure. His last day was Tuesday, October 30, 2018. He brought his knowledge of farming and cooking through conversations and education to our staff and the community - we are forever grateful. In thoughtful and artistic Jake fashion, he left us a note and a poem.

Stay tuned: opportunities for our new Educational Farm at Miley Barn will be announced early in 2019.

Hello Friends of Nourish,

Earlier on this year, I decided to conclude my employment at Nourish on October 30th. This decision was not easy since Nourish has been a positive experience during my 3 year tenure.  Nourish has enabled me to learn much about the food world and how my skill set fits into it. There have been many excellent experiences I feel grateful to have been involved in. I certainly will enjoy hearing how things are progressing in my absence and am confident the remaining team will keep up their good work. 

I feel it is time for a change. I have been asked many times what my future plans are. The truth is that I do not know. While I still have a passion for farming and in general, being involved with food, I am keeping an open mind to other opportunities. My family and I are looking into several different job and housing situations, but have not made firm plans as of yet.  

Thank you to the staff, board, volunteers, interns, and supporters of Nourish. It has been a privilege to work with you. 


Jake Lambrecht  

A Parting Gift

By Jake Lambrecht

The Nourish team is quite a gang

with banner of good food.

We’ll cook, we’ll weed, we’ll type away

by light of sun or moon.


Heather is our fearless leader

and we all stand behind her,

except when we lead programs

and wants us to make a binder.


Heather B that’s in the office

is reserved and that’s alright.

She has her opinions though.

With her, I wouldn’t pick a fight.


Jon is quite the PEPpy one

and is strong especially when

you need a job to get done,

but make sure it’s after ten.


Brandi has a heart for kids

and works with several grants.

Try not to get her too upset

or she may freeze your plants.


Ryan, the closet tofu lover,

can be quite meticulous.

But when things get a little stressed

Then it’s totally ridiculous

Nicole is rather new to us.

She speaks in such kindly tones.

I am just so grateful that

she answers all the phones.


Now this crew of ours is changing;

I must leave to see what’s next.

But you can keep in touch of course

By sending me a text.