Learning to grow


Nourish is looking forward to building up our new Educational Farm on the Miley Property in Sheboygan Falls. Our new home at Miley is 13-acres, including our renovated Miley Barn building. In 2019 and the coming years, we will plant and maintain vegetable gardens, our existing orchard, perennials, pollinator beds, and more!

Nourish previously maintained a two-acre urban farm across from RCS Empowers on Geele Avenue in Sheboygan, Wisconsin., which was home to vegetable gardens, a small orchard, perennials, two bee hives, and a large pollinator flower bed.

Our goal is to educate and empower people to make wholesome food choices through experiential learning. In this case, through learning to grow and harvest food, composting, and better understanding the food system.

The Community Speaks...

Working as an intern at the EUF gave me an opportunity to work independently on a small farm with another intern. We were able to explore companion planting, succession planting, composting, develop workshops while engaging with the community. This was an excellent professional development experience that helped build my skills in local food procurement and food processing.
— Brandi Bohlman EUF Intern Summer 2017
During my internship at the EUF, I had the opportunity to not only learn about sustainable methods to grow food but also share that information with the community. I found it advantageous to spread nutrition knowledge through a hands on approach utilizing the EUF. I enjoyed working with community members of all ages, backgrounds, and food stories.
— Katie Scharenbroch EUF Intern Summer 2017