Eating Locally & Seasonally

Nourish's Harvest of the Month materials are an educational resource on food items that are seasonally appropriate, and can be locally sourced. On average our food travels 1,500 miles from field to table. Our goal with these materials is to educate on items that can be sourced from a neighboring farmer throughout the year to get the freshest and most nutritious ingredients. Harvest of the Month education meets academic standards in areas of nutrition, math, and science.

You can download our tools below to help promote wellness at home, in the classroom, and in the community.

Harvest of the Month Poster

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2019-2020 Harvest of the Month Flyers

Below are links to materials for each month. Hover over each item to view and/or download.


2017-2018 Harvest of the Month

2017-2018 Harvest of the Month Calendar

September 2017 - Bell Peppers

October 2017 - Apples

November 2017 - Celery

December 2017 - Garlic

January 2018 - Cabbage

February 2018 - Potatoes

March 2018 - Carrots

April 2018 - Spinach

May 2018 - Culinary Herbs

June 2018 - Asparagus

July 2018 - Green Beans

August 2018 - Tomatoes