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Currently offered to eight different sites for 35 weeks during the school year, the Good Food Club feeds and educates 300 students weekly with over 15,000 exposure opportunities to new whole foods. The program aligns with our Harvest of the Month materials adopted by the Sheboygan and Plymouth School Districts. The Harvest of the month is featured in a chef-prepared snack along with 15 minutes of hands-on educational activities aimed to improve food literacy. Food literacy is understanding the relationship between our environment, familiarity with ingredients & potential food choices, nutrition, composting waste, and ultimately how our food choices impact ourselves and those around us. The Good Food Club is typically offered after school, but can be adapted to provide education and a healthy snack during school hours. This club provides garden-based education aligning with academic standards in areas of nutrition, science, history, and math.
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The snack is served weekly and opens students' minds to a exploratory sensory experience featuring the Harvest of the Month.


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Our Harvest of the Month materials can be accessed here

Nourish Snack Program in Action Interview

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