Improving Food Literacy

Nourish is always developing and implementing new and effective ways to address food illiteracy. We do this through a variety of programs and education materials such as Harvest of the Month, School Garden Lesson Plans, Farm-to-School Educational Videos, Snack Program Lessons, and much more.

Because addressing food illiteracy is part of our mission, it is important to us to ensure that information is accessible.

Scroll below to fill your mind through good-food education and resources.

Change Starts With You

When acknowledging short-comings in a system, we need to recognize that we all have the power to implement change by starting at home and educating those around us.

You can do food justice at home by:

  • Cooking at home

  • Growing a garden

  • Teaching your kids to cook

  • Avoid overly-processed foods

  • Preparing food for family

  • Sitting while you eat

  • Supporting your local food co-op

  • Purchasing local at farmer’s markets

  • Participating in Community Supported Agriculture


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Nourish Planting Guide

Nourish’s planting guide is a great visual for understanding plant seasonality and the growing season. This tool was developed for garden planning in Wisconsin, and may not be applicable to your region.

You can download our planting guide below


Harvest of the Month Materials

Nourish's Harvest of the Month materials are an educational resource on food items that are seasonally appropriate, and can be locally sourced. On average our food travels 1,500 miles from field to table. Our goal with these materials is to educate on items that can be sourced from a neighboring farmer throughout the year to get the freshest and most nutritious ingredients. Harvest of the Month education meets academic standards in areas of nutrition, math, and science.

You can download our tools below to help promote wellness at home, in the classroom, and in the community

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Life in the Garden Lessons

Nourish’s Life in the Garden lessons are meant to guide educators in teaching about starting, maintaining, and caring for a garden, while meeting academic standards. Each lesson is tailored to each grade to ensure that relevant academic requirements are being met. Lessons provide guidance fo hands-on activities for in the garden, as well as in the classroom.

You can find our lessons linked below


Life in the Garden Videos

Nourish’s school garden videos help support teachers in the classroom who are inspired to teach kids about our food system, while meeting academic standards. Nourish’s school garden videos are complimentary to its Life in the Garden lesson plans. This curriculum is designed to be woven seamlessly and meaningfully into classrooms.

You can find our garden videos on our youtube channel, or linked below


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Nutrients and You Videos

Nourish’s Nutrients and You videos are hosted by Katie Scharenbroch, a local Registered Dietitian, and the Sheboygan Area School Districts Nutritional Services Supervisor. These short videos teach kids about nutrition and what the various nutrients are. These supplemental educational tools are great for teachers who are looking to expand on MyPlate curriculum, or who are looking to integrate some quick nutrition information into their classrooms.

You can find our nutrition videos on our youtube channel, or linked below


Nutrients and You Lessons

Nourish’s Nutrients and You Lessons are designed to support teachers in nutrition education, while recognizing the need for short lessons that are manageable with a long list of requirements. These lessons cover the very basics of nutrition education ranging from carbohydrates to vitamins and minerals.

You can find our nutrition lessons linked below